By choosing to adopt a pet instead of purchasing from breeders you:
  • Save not just one life but two, as it frees up space in the shelter for another 
  • Stop contributing to irresponsible breeding and pet overpopulation
  • Give a beautiful animal a second chance at life that it may not have otherwise had.
All of our featured pets will have already been:
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Common Misconceptions:
"All shelter animals have behavioural issues"
wrong - Most arrive at rescues through no fault of their own, usually due to marital changes, pregnancies, financial troubles or time commitments. You will even find that most 'pre-owned' pets are already house trained.
"You can't get purebreds in shelters"
wrong - There are plenty of shelters that are set up specifically for certain breeds. And if you really have your heart set on a specific breed then put it into our keyword search on the app and let us surprise you!
"All shelter animals are old"
wrong - the average age of animals who enter rescue centres is under 18 months.
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